Overview of developing a website:

Domain Names Choose your Domain Name.

Domain Names Determine your current needs and plan for future ones.

Domain Names Define your Primary & Secondary goals of the site.

Domain Names Establish a basic categorical breakdown of the site.

Domain Names Organize the content.

Domain Names Prepare legal and privacy policies, Frequently Asked Questions, testimonials, etc.


1. Choose your Domain Name (ie: www.algomawebdesign.com).

Your Domain Name establishes your online identity. Create a name that your customers will remember. Your domain tells the internet community who you are and how to find you on the Internet. Make it short, memorable and descriptive of your business. Your Domain name MUST be available, meaning no one else can have it already. The most popular ending for a domain name is .com, however you are not limited to that! Also available are .net, .info, .name, .biz, org., .bz, .cc, .tv, or .ws. There are also country specific endings available too! Domain names can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens; spaces and other characters are not allowed. Domain names are not case-sensitive. Algoma Web Design will help you every step of the way in choosing your domain name!

2. Determine your needs and plan for the future.

What do you want your web site to accomplish? Who is your audience? What does your audience want? Do you want to build an on-line catalog of products, if not now, in the near future? Do you have your own hosting company or would you prefer Algoma Web Design's NO HASSLE all-in-one package deal with hosting included?

3. Define Your Primary & Secondary Goals of the Site

Our goal is to create a web site that effectively caters to your customers/visitors. As you put yourself in their shoes there are many things to consider. Define your ideal customers, their needs and concerns as your audience affects the design of your site. Define who you are and what your web site is about. What's in it for them? Algoma Web Design will work closely with you to meet your goals not only in building your site but also publishing and promoting your Web Site!

4. Establish a basic categorical breakdown of the site.

Building a Web Site is in some respect like writing a book. Your "table of contents" page is the first page your vistors will see upon entering your web site. Your most important information belongs here (contact, who, what etc.), along with links to your other pages. What are the top 3 messages your site needs to convey? Breaking down your categories into a basic table of contents will help determine how many pages your site will need.

5. Organize the Content.

Do you have a Company Logo or E-Logo? A customized E-Logo is included with Algoma Web Design packages! What about pictures? Also think about what kind of theme do you want to portray? What web colors do you prefer? Not sure what you want? Let Algoma Web Design provide examples for you to choose from. We will carefully design your web site customized to your needs. Prepare (cut & paste) your text into any electronic form such as email or word etc. and email to Algoma Web Design! It's as simple as that!

6. Prepare Legal and Privacy Policies, Frequently Asked Questions, Testimonials, etc.

Your legal and privacy pages refer to "the small print" section of your web site. Include company policies and your terms of service. Include a Frequently Asked Questions as a customer service providing information that is easily accessible. Do you have any testimonials or success stories? Tell everybody what's in it for them!